Branding is a core marketing strategy that involves creating a unique name and image for your company, including logos, design briefs, and copy-written content. Our creative team makes sure that you have everything you need in order to pursue any marketing efforts.

We here at Somos believe in communication above all, our creative team ensures constant communication, in order to further reinforce your message and values in all aspects of your branding needs.

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Your logo is often the first thing your clients see, therefore it is paramount that you have a Logo that reflects your brand in a manner it deserves. The process behind logo creation is an art, a fine-balancing act of beauty, originality, and simplicity. A logo is also an opportunity to send a message: your values, your service or product, and your story. 
Our creative team ensures that all of these are finely tuned in order to best reflect the image that your brand deserves.


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A website is a unique opportunity to convey information that may otherwise be unavailable to your clients. In order to convey that message, we send you all it is that you would ever need: colour palette, fonts, footers, banners, etc. Our expert designers concoct a few final versions from which you can choose from, pick your final design and you'll be ready to roll out your website within an instant. 

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Showcase your products in the best way possible, our designers love a challenge, and product packaging is one of their favourite. Our service ensures that when your client receives your product, our packaging design will show the true value of your brand. We deliver everything you need to get straight to the printing press: templates, sizes, as well as any written content that is required. 

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Our design brief is all you will ever need for your branding purposes. Our creative team builds a showcase based on all of your requirements: Logos, Business Cards, Product Packaging, and Website Design. Communication is key during the brand design process, our brief includes our thought process behind your particular needs, and our inspiration behind the final product.